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Where our skis come from

Our Workshop

Produced in the heart of Switzerland    
swiss massiv skis are hand made in the heart of Switzerland. They are the outcome of a long-time passion and quest for precision crafting of a highly complex design product. The result is an unequalled, timeless design of uncompromising quality incorporating leading state of the art technology - a ski that performs with a supremely comfortable glide that is both smooth and dynamic.
Ecology, sustainability and functionality are the guiding elements in the development ethos of swiss massiv skis. Individually sourced local wood is incorporated with bamboo using uniquely created construction techniques to produce a result that is both technically and visually striking.

swiss massiv skis are the result of several decades of experience in ski making, ongoing development and testing at the forefront of ski technology, paired with true craftsmanship.

➔ Bespoke skis: swiss massiv skis are made to the bodyweight and skiing style of the skier

➔ Comprehensive service: base, wood and bamboo surfaces are ground and freshly varnished

➔ swiss massiv skis are extremely durable

➔ Every swiss massiv ski is one of a kind due to its wood and bamboo surface

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