The Allrounder is a ski for the off-piste and advanced skiers who are looking for a reliable edge-grip in a versatile design. The solid wood core, combined with the aluminium layers in the sandwich construction with trapeze-shaped bamboo sidewalls assures a consistent stability. The movements of the skier are commanding and directly transferred onto the slope. Sharp turns are accomplished with least effort. The ski is forgiving but never looses the desired dynamism.

Entlebucher Yew

CHF 1,500.00

Elm Engraved

CHF 1,400.00

Black Engraved

CHF 1,400.00

White Engraved

CHF 1,400.00

Elm Foil

CHF 1,300.00

Elm Engraved mit Tip Protection

CHF 1,300.00

Elm Foil with Tip Protection

CHF 1,200.00


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