Slalom Carver

A high performance carving ski for maximum security. The perfect blending of titanium layers and solid wood core with bamboo sidewalls allows for short, dynamic, and very precise turns on hard surfaces. The Slalom Carver glides playfully and sticks gracefully to the groove. Skied athletically, the Slalom Carver response is lively and agile both through short and long turns.

Entlebucher Yew

CHF 1,500.00

Elm Engraved

CHF 1,400.00

Black Engraved

CHF 1,400.00

White Engraved

CHF 1,400.00

Elm Foil

CHF 1,300.00

Elm Engraved with Tip Protection

CHF 1,300.00

Elm Foil with Tip Protection

CHF 1,200.00


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