The proficient all-rounder

The Allrounder is a ski for the off-piste and advanced skiers who are looking for a reliable edge-grip in a versatile design.

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Slalom Carver

The sporty all-rounder

A high performance carving ski for maximum security. The Slalom Carver glides playfully and sticks gracefully to the groove.

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Slalom Race Carver

The racer for the advanced skier

A very fast and stable slalom ski which makes you feel you are on tracks. A fast ski, ideal for athletic skiers who love to push the envelope.

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The versatile one for all purposes

The design is curtesy of nature. A versatile ski for demanding skiers. The ski provides enjoyment on and off the piste.

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The versatile on and off the slopes.

The freeride ski with uncompromising all-mountain performance. Whether in powder, on firn, in wind-blown snow, wet snow, ice or even in broken crust, our freerider is your best friend in all snow conditions!

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Personalised skis

A ski with a very personal touch

Your firm's logo can, for example, be engraved into swiss massiv skis or your initial letters can be attached on top of the skis as metal plates.

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Tested Skis

For a smaller budget

Skis that have used during testing days can be acquired for a reduced price.

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